TileMap: animated tiles


You’d like to use animated tiles in your TileMap.


The most straightforward way to approach this problem is to use the AnimatedTexture resource.

Creating an AnimatedTexture

For this example, we’ll use the following water tiles:

alt alt

Download these images: water.zip

Unzip the images into your project folder. In the Inspector, click the “Create a new resource” button:

alt alt

Choose AnimatedTexture and set the Frames property to 5. For each frame, drag the corresponding image to its Texture property.

alt alt

You can adjust the overall animation’s speed with the Fps property, as well as each individual frame’s Delay Sec.

Click the “Save” button to save the resource. Give it a name such as water_anim.tres.

Using AnimatedTexture in a TileMap

Now that the AnimatedTexture is saved, it can be used in a TileSet. Open a new or existing TileMap and select its Tile Set property. Click the button to add a new texture to the TileSet:

alt alt

Select the newly added texture and click “New Single Tile”. Draw a box around the texture (use “Enable Snap” to make this easier).

alt alt

Now you can select the tile in your TileMap and draw with it just like any other tile.

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