At KidsCanCode we make computers fun! By looking "under the hood," kids learn that a computer is a powerful tool - one they can use to create amazing projects of their own. Imagine building your own website, creating a video game, or wow-ing your teacher with an amazing science project. Our classes lay the foundation for a positive relationship with technology.

Classes are available for a variety of ages and experience levels. Age ranges are a suggestion based on our experience with past students. Exceptions can be made for exceptional students - please contact us to discuss before signing up.

Class Descriptions

Intro to
Beginner (08-10)
Beginner (11-16)

This is our core program, introducing the idea of a programming language and what it means to tell a computer what to do. We'll cover basic interaction with the Python console using statements to manipulate numbers and text. Next, we'll move on to Turtles - creating our own graphics and introducing loops and functions. Finally, we'll create some games and animations to round out the week.
Throughout the class, students will learn not just the code, but the *why* behind the code, setting a strong foundation for future growth. More information:

Requirements: No previous experience is required.

Intermediate (11-16)
Are you ready for the next level? We take what kids learned in "Intro to Programming" and build on it to strengthen skills. Through practical examples, students will gain a deeper understanding of programming and how it is applied in the real world. Example projects will reinforce understanding of fundamentals while encouraging experimentation and exploration.
Programming is a lot like speaking a foreign language or playing a musical instrument. In order to become proficient, the student needs to practice - and the more practice the better, so our goal is to keep them coding.

Requirements: "Intro to Programming" or equivalent experience.

Advanced (11-16)
Targeted at advanced and highly-motivated middle- and high-school students who have a passion for making games and want to learn how it's done at a professional level, using professional tools. Using the free Godot game engine, a professional game development tool similar to Unity, we'll explore the game development process from beginning to end. What makes a game fun? What about art and sound? How do you put your game on a phone or a website? Each student will be encouraged to get creative and make something truly their own.
Building a game is a challenging project, incorporating problem solving, planning, math, art, and design. Taught by a game industry veteran, our class will show kids a real-world perspective on what it takes to bring their vision to life.

Note: This class will be intensive and fast-paced - covering a lot of material in a short time. Come prepared to learn!

Requirements: "Intro to Programming" or equivalent experience (and a strong desire to learn!)

Learn to Program
with Scratch
Beginner (8-10)

This class was specifically created for younger students who aren't quite ready for all the typing that "regular" programming entails, but really want to get started learning to code! Using the Scratch language from MIT, students will drag-and-drop "program blocks" to build up instructions - allowing them to focus more on their goals than on hunting for the right key.
Through the course of the week, they'll create animations, interactive stories, and games to challenge their friends (and parents). And best of all, every child will be able to bring his/her creations home to share (we'll help Mom & Dad with instructions for using Scratch at home).
More information:

Requirements: No previous experience is required.